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Detection Ninja

The Only Course To Confidently Pass Turnitin, Winston and Originality with EASE!

About The Training

Welcome aboard, and a huge congrats for stumbling upon our groundbreaking A.I. Anti-Detection Course!

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating adventure with a sneak peek of what’s in store:

🚀 Cutting-Edge Innovation: Dive into our game-changing prompt that smoothly sails through Turnitin’s post-Dec 7 Update every single time! ✅

🛠️ Craft Your Own Prompts Like a Pro: Unlock the secrets to creating your prompts, kiss expensive content spinners goodbye, and embrace significant savings! 💸

🥷 Top-Secret Ninja Stealth Technique: Delve into our covert strategy, too powerful for public reveal, designed to effortlessly outsmart any AI detector.

🔍 In-Depth Analysis of the Top 11 AI Spinners: Discover how they measure up against Turnitin, Winston, Originality, and Copyleaks. Learn which ones elevate your grammar skills and which ones to steer clear of.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

What’s in Store for You?

  • Section 1: Factors That Improve A.I. Detection Scores
  • Dive into the world of AI detection with our foundational video lesson, learning the ins and outs of how detection software sniffs out AI-generated content.
  • Section 2: Turnitin Mega Prompt 2.0
  • Gain exclusive insights with our Mega Prompt 2.0 Video Lesson, unveiling secrets to navigate the renowned Turnitin software with finesse.
  • Section 3: How To Make Your Own Prompts
  • Unleash your creative prowess by learning to craft prompts that can outsmart AI detectors, ensuring your content remains uniquely yours.
  • Section 4: Claude 2 Jailbreaking
  • Get hands-on with cutting-edge techniques in our Claude Jailbreak Video Lesson, challenging the boundaries of AI content generation.
  • Section 5: How To Write A Full Essay
  • From conception to completion, our comprehensive guide will teach you to compose essays with AI assistance that are indistinguishable from human-written work.
  • Section 6: Best A.I. Spinners Dec 2023
  • Stay ahead of the curve as we review the top AI spinners of December 2023, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal.
  • Section 7: Black Hat A.I. Detection
  • Delve into the darker side of AI detection and learn to navigate through the black hat techniques that are reshaping the AI landscape.
  • Section 8: FREE Turnitin Access
  • Our bonus section provides you with not-to-be-missed strategies for gaining free Turnitin access and effectively analyzing content.
"I have bought and used the training to "Avoid Ai detection" and have to say I am blown away. I would have never believed it will be possible on a "free" Claude account to create content that passes Ai detection. Vlad not only gives you the prompts but also teaches you to future proof the prompts. So Vlad thank you so much for sharing your learning and expertise."
"If you’ve been considering doing the ai ninja course it’s a must! It’s invaluable. This information gives you the ability to test and create your own prompts that have, in my experience yielded great results time after time even with the constant updates from ai checkers like Turnitin! There are no other guides like this that I’m aware of and I would subscribe again in a heartbeat!"

Detection Ninja

The Industry First Detection Course!

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    A.I. Detection

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    Beginner to Advanced

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    Video Lectures

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